Top 4 Blogs I Recommend Reading- 5/30/2021

On your journey of blogging, there are times when we get discouraged. So there are times when fellow bloggers must encourage one another.

If you don’t know what this is, I just share certain blogs I recommend you looking into. It’s kind of like a tag or award, but when I made this, I didn’t know about those.

1. Inside Miriam’s Mind

Miriam is a honest, lively, and fun blogger. She regularly updates her blog with the things happening in her life, new things she’s trying out, and lots of helpful advice.

Miriam is also a sister in Christ. Personally, my favorite biblical post of hers is Jesus Loves You & Me. In that post, she shared how Jesus’ love is unconditional love and why we should love Him more and more each day.

2. Heart of a Preacher’s Kid

Chan is the writer of the Heart of a Preacher’s Kid. This blog gives so much insightful, spiritual, and Biblical information. This blog is great for spiritual advice.

I’ve actually been confused and formed some questions on my mind about God and topics related to the Bible. Thankfully, Chan was able to answer my question. In case you’re wondering about what it was that I was thinking about, it was about how to distinguish God’s voice from other voices.


There are times when God doesn’t care and the trials and tests meant to strengthen us seem like curses. Sometimes you just want to lose hope. But sometimes all you have to do is see it God’s way; and change your perspective.

In the blog CHNAGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE, it shows that you must renew your review. Many times on that blog, the author honestly shares what her life stories and how God helped her. She also shares advice she’s learned from the Bible.

4. Kaelyn’s Life

Kaelyn on Kaelyn’s Life shares things happening in her life as well as in the blogging community.

She has these fun posts that feature other authors from different blogs. It allows them to display their talents in writing drawing, and others. You can check out Mini Makers, and possibly even enter!

Thank you for reading!

I truly believe these blog are amazing, and I hope you do too!

EDIT: I recently saw a post from Evin’s blog that is really similar to this series. If you’re seeing this Evin, I’m sorry! Honestly, I didn’t know about your series yet. Here’s the link for the series called Blogger Shoutouts if your like to check it out.

Which blog did you enjoy the most? Share you thoughts with me in the comments!

Author: Breanna πŸ’š

Hey there!πŸ‘‹πŸ» I'm Breanna, a homeschooling, tween Christian (who's a BTS ARMY on the side 😜). I'm on my journey to being a girl after God's own heart. I enjoy spending time with my family, composing, reading, singing, and making new friends!

6 thoughts on “Top 4 Blogs I Recommend Reading- 5/30/2021”

  1. Thank you so much for mentioning me!❀️
    I love your blog!😍 I’m looking forward to reading your previous posts and I’m just about to follow.😘
    Have a great day!🌈


    1. Sorry, I was starstruck for a few hours. πŸ˜‚πŸ€©
      I love your blog too! 😘 Thank you so much, and you’re welcome. 😊


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